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A high solids finish with the consistency of wet plaster. Used as a skim- or final coat for both roller and spray applied finishes in the Silica Tec Coatings System. Plastec is applied to approximately 30 mills (750 microns) thickness with a lambs wool/texture roller sleeve and treated with hand tools (pvc blades) for final finish. Is also used as a skim coat applied to max 80 mills (2 mm] thickness with stainless steel throwels. Features a strong adhesion with almost any building material commonly used in the construction industry. ST Plastec can be appied in a dozen different patterns/designs either in one or more colors.

ST Plastec Inorganic Texture Coating

  • Available in gallons and 5 gallon pails

    Practical Coverage: 3.5 m2 per gallon

    For more information download TDS in product section