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In the future every business model will be tokenized, one way or another, no matter which business you are engaged in. It does not matter if you provide a service or product, everything can and will be tokenized. We believe this will start with small and middle sized companies such as ours who are just beginning to scratch the surface of what smart contracts can do for us and the public in general. We do not belief in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) and our white paper clearly states that this is a Decentralized Reward Token originating from our contracting business called ASA & More. If you wish to invest you hard earned money in an ICO which is actually nothing more than a startup company on paper with a road map but no track record, go ahead that is your choice.  

There are many reasons to engage in a token sale for established companies. For us digital tokens merge the technological advantages of the block chain with the backing and safety that comes with traditional finance. They can be viewed as an investment contract. This combination enables us and potential investors to enter into an agreement were code is not only law but also justice. But let us be practical and put emphasis on what really matters. Why should you purchase our tokens?


A solid company with a good track record

The ASA Token  is issued by a well established company with a good track record. A company regulated by all the laws applicable in its country of origin thus meaning the island of Aruba located in the Dutch Caribbean. We are registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba since 1980 and our yearly accounting reports are available upon request.  

Low transaction costs

All of us would be much happier if we are able to reduce our expenditure without reducing our consumption. As a company we got rid of many product distributors years ago, but let us be honest the most powerful middlemen are still standing. Digital tokens provides us, as well as the token holders a safe transaction that is devoid of bank costs. This is the case with all digital tokens. They eliminate the need for a bank or a middleman.

Fast transactions and exposure

We are no longer held by the boundaries set by financial institutions in our country. Our customers and financial partners can be based anywhere in the world. We can carry transactions at greeter speed from all parts of the world as well. We opted for the Tron network because of its speed and low cost; 1024 TRX to issue a token. In addition to this we think that for a token to have value it should have monetary value and in other to have monetary value it must be transferred into a very large network. Tron is a large network. 


Our outstanding reward program

There are many companies out there that offer reward programs all based on either buying their merchandise and in the process accumulating points, miles etc. Then at the end of the year we are all so happy that we bought goods or services  for instance at one store and end up getting for instance USD 150 dollars worth for our loyalty or any other discount as a customer (not realizing we spend USD 15.000.00 in the same store for an entire year!. Oh, but are we happy!. Do these often large corporations at the end of the year hand out the greater part of their profit to card holders or loyal customers? The answer unless you are a stockholder is clearly no.

We decided to do things differently; our stockholders are allocated 16% of all outstanding ASA  tokens and the remaining 84% are offered through a public sale on the Tron network at an exchange rate of 1 ASA token = 1 Tron (TRX.). Consensus on this percentage was quickly reached due to the fact that all stocks are currently in control of 3 stockholders.  We wish our current customers as well as any member of the local or international community to reap the benefits of our business ventures. Our Token structure is pretty simple. Every ASA token holder not only has a right on a certain discount depending on the amount of tokens he or she holds but in addition he or  she can receive a ROI equal to 20% each year if the minimal  amount of ASA Tokens purchased equals 10.000.  Our token payout table as well as our token reward table   are simple and clear. Token holders with a minimal investment of 10.000 ASA tokens do no share the burden of a bad operational year. The yearly ROI (Return On Investment = 20%) is clearly stated. It is constant as long as you hold the tokens. Token holders also have the option to let us buy back their tokens after a period of 2 years at an exchange rate of 1 ASA Token = 1 Tron (TRX). Is this 20% ROI achievable and realistic?. The answer is yes. The executive team that manages the daily operations are also the stockholders. They carry each, more than 30 years of experience in the Caribbean Construction Industry and have the network and experience to perform on a daily basis.

The ASA Token is issued on the Tron network. TRX is currently one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. To purchase ASA Tokens, download the Tron Wallet at Google Play.


  1. Install

  2. Create wallet address

  3. Deposit TRX

  4. Press blockchain explorer, press tokens, swipe search on, write ASA, press participate.

  5. Fill in the amount of Tokens you desire and press spend.

  6. Smart contract will trigger automatically and ASA Tokens will appear in your wallet.

ASA Tokens are also available for purchase through the Tron BlockChain Explorer where you can create your Tron Wallet. Be sure to keep your password and private key protected at all times. ASA & More's TRX adress = THrnStp2oBzp3ghTe7fT2TFXU9w3RBqhjt


Allocations of funds:

Funds will be allocated to create “economies of scale” in purchasing a wide variety of construction materials/tools/equipment directly from factories in China & South America. This has been already the case for several years when it comes to high end finishes, such as raw materials for 3D panels, paints, coatings and automotive refinishes. The intention is to obtain the same cost savings for regular construction materials and strengthen our position in the Caribbean Construction Industry. Funds will also be reserved for skilled labor and good craftsman. These are highly paid in  our territories and are an integral part of our strength as a company. As we are specialized in renovating and restoring old buildings, part of the funds will also be used to acquire rundown real estate properties with the purpose to renovate and manage them to create a constant flow of liquidity and earnings. This is the part we are extremely good in. At a latter stage these properties will be tokenized by us and equally divided among token holders. Further more funds will be allocated to hire an in house block chain employee to handle all incoming and outgoing digital transfers and provide a transparent and periodic feedback to token holders. At the end of 2012 we will set up a special ASA Token holders only area on our website, where you can view among others; current project portofolio, future expansions, local and Caribbean business & government regulations etc. 



Arubaanse Schilders- en Afwerkingsbedrijf NV (ASA) was founded in 1980 by Mr. Pieter H. Kamermans, a Dutch Paint Master who emigrated to the Dutch Antilles in early 1960. A little shop of more or less 100 square meters where his wife would sell paint during the day while he was on different job sites coordinating his painters. At night he would prepare his bids for future projects while his wife was taking care of the daily book keeping. In 1986, during the economic recession and closure of the refinery he started Caribbean Paint Factory Inc (CPF) a small paint plant which was constructed with the technical assistance of Sigma Coatings BV The Netherlands and Glidden USA. After quitting his job at Exxon in 1989 his eldest son signed a technical agreement with Saint Gobain and Caribbean Glass Trading was founded, a company dedicated to the import & distribution of glazing products. His youngest son joined ASA in 1996 during a period when the island of Aruba and the Dutch Antilles were experiencing a rapid growth in Tourism. ASA management started to participate in various projects on different islands in the Caribbean, South America and even as far as the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). In 2002 the companies relocated to a new 2000 square meters facility just outside Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba and within a walking distance from the Queen Beatrix International Airport. The glass trading company was sold and efforts were concentrated on the import, export, manufacturing, distribution and application of Architectural paints & coatings, Industrial coatings and Automotive refinishes. In 2013 CPF started offering a new product line called Dimensional Surfaces; a group of high end finishes incorporating a strong 3D effect based on ceramics, reinforced gypsum, bamboo pulp and medium density fiber board.In 2017 the articles of association were amended and the name of the original paint contracting company was changed into ASA & More. This gave the company all the legal authority required to import all kinds of materials and to participate in the construction industry as a GC (General Contractor).



Ryan Peterson, GM for Economic Policy at the Central Bank of Aruba has forecasted that the introduction of a digital currency system would lead to a 4-5% growth for Aruba alone. This is significant they say, considering the region hasn’t seen more than 0.5% growth for over 20 years (according to Caribbean News Now)

Truth be told, at the time we are publishing this white paper, this is probably the only statement you will find on the internet, from a government official in Aruba regarding crypto currency in general. In other words regulation for crypto currency, blockchain, digital exchanges and so forth are fairly speaking, at the moment, none existent in Aruba. The most that can be expected from a company operating under Aruban law is to analyse the guidelines of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AMF) when issuing its own token, for Aruba is considered a part of the Dutch Kingdom. But than again with all due respect for the AMF, current guidelines are not even that clear for an ICO, least to say for a STO offering. As to future ASA token holders we suggest that you comply with all possible SEC regulations in your country before considering purchasing any tokens/coins. Owning ASA tokens does not in any way imply that you have a stake in the companies assets.

KYC = Know Your Customer

All though digital currency is slow to move in our country we wish to stay at the same pace with global regulations. If you purchase a large amount of tokens from our company you should provide personal information such as copies from your government id or passport, as well as a picture of yourself holding the ID or passport in question. If you decide to purchase our tokens without providing us with the necessary documents within a week we will return the purchase value to your wallet address immediately. Your personal information will only be used to do a standard background checking. This information can be send to akamermans@setarnet.aw or johnkamermans@hotmail.com


As a company we always try to abide by any existing laws and regulations. We are more than familiar with the laws that govern our nation but there is still no clear frame work set up by any institution in our country regarding the guidelines and rules to follow regarding for instance an ICO or STO. Currently we do not wish to complicate things neither for ourselves or for our token holders that is why we do not offer a stake in our companies yet. Stockholders and directors of companies in Aruba are also held personally responsible for any company liabilities in case of insolvency. This is a burden that a token holder in our view should not carry.

Token structure & allocation

Conversion rate = 1 ASA  Token (ASA) = 1 Tron (TRX)

Total supply

Public offering

Internal distribution

Minimal Investment 

Payout currency


10.000 ASA




Token payout table

Minimal Investment

Payout date

Yearly Payout

Payout currency

Payout frequency

1x per year



15 December

10.000 ASA

Token reward table

Discounts for ASA token holders at Caribbean Paint Factory Aruba Inc.

Total Quantiy



1-10.000 ASA

10.000 - 100.000 ASA


100.000 - 1.000.000 ASA


more than 1.000.000 ASA