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Green and safety Industry


As the supplier of Euro Paints® and Silica Tec Wall & Ceiling Coatings® we are committed to supply our customers with premium quality products and services. However, we do fully understand that we should conduct our business in a proper and environmental conscious matter. Therefore our concerns with the environment and safety for our employees, visitors and community resulted in an ongoing effort to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

  1. Comply with all applicable local & international environmental requirements and if possible exceed those requirements.
  2. Finding new ways to improve our operations by the reuse of materials and reduction of resources that contribute to pollution. Not only being corrective but also preventive.
  3. Creating a consciousness among our employees to perform their duties in a safe and environmentally friendly manner through training and written procedures.

Ecologico y seguro


Most CPF products are manufactured using water based technology which leaves a small carbon footprint. Our Silica Wall & Ceiling Coatings® are engineered to have a low VOC content and have been certified according to ASTM international standards. The products deliver a long term life cycle, and there is no need to repaint or to replace vinyl wall covering. There is also no need to remove these coatings from the wall for they can be easily re-coated if necessary.

Silica Tec Wall & Ceiling Coatings® are biodegradable and do not require special disposal handling. The material is mold & mildew resistant and has a high perm rate, meaning that it does not trap moisture within the wall and helps to promote an overall positive IAQ [Indoor Air Quality].

The primary raw materials for CPF products are natural aggregates, water based acrylic resins and pigments.

Ecologico y seguro


CPF products are manufactured within our plant located at Oranjestad, Aruba. The plant is conveniently located within a 5 minute drive from the Queen Beatrix International Airport. Our product lines are continually upgraded to better ecological versions, to reduce manufacturing waste and solid waste to landfill. Proper ventilation for employees and noise reduction throughout our facility are already common practices.

Energy conservation warnings are visible throughout our facility and dust emissions are almost completely eliminated by a proper dust control system.

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